Huntington Bank, part of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated is a full service bank based in Columbus Ohio. Founded as Huntington National Bank in the year 1866 by P.W. Huntington, the bank together with its affiliates provides a wide range of services including consumer, business, mortgage, wealth management, investments, trust, foreign exchange, treasury management, customized insurance brokerage and financial products services. There are over 11,000 employees working for the bank holding company.

Huntington Bank has franchises in six states for its retail banking including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia. All these franchises offer the comprehensive range of banking services provided by Huntington Bank. The branches of the bank, which serve as its primary channels for distribution consist of over 700 conventional branches including convenience branches attached to retirement centers and grocery stores and via sophisticated distribution channels like mobile, telephone and internet banking.

The bank also has over 1,400 ATMs. In addition to its routing banking services, Huntington Bank also provides special services in commercial banking to automotive dealers and financing for automobile retail to dealer customers in all its six franchise states and in selected states in Midwest region and in New England.

The Huntington Bank is housed in a towering office building located in downtown Cleveland on Euclid Avenue. The building originally called as Union Trust Building ranked second in the list of largest buildings worldwide in relation to floor space, which covered over 30 acres. Built in 1924, the building has the largest ever bank lobby in the world and features huge Corinthian columns, colorful Jules Guerin murals and barrel vaulted striking ceilings.

The building designed by Anderson, Graham, Probst & White is 289 foot tall. In 1975, the building was renovated by Peter van Dijk, a Cleveland architect and later in 1991 by the builders Hines Properties. The building was bought by Optima International in 2010 for a sum of $18.5 million.

Huntington Bank has the naming rights to Toledo’s Huntington Center and the Huntington Park situated in Columbus in Ohio. The bank also has a ten-year sponsorship program with Michigan State University from 2012. This sponsorship includes financial aid to Spartan Stadium upgrades in return for its acknowledgement on programs, scoreboards, and videos of the basketball, hockey and football games played here. huntington bank

Huntington Bank provides personalized attention to all its customers through its personal banking services both online, via phone and in person in all the convenience branch locations. The banking accounts online and various other online services help customers meet all their financial needs comprehensively.

The convenient checking accounts offer customers various options to choose, according to their requirements. With the efficient checking and the money market type of accounts, it is possible for customers to increase their savings and improve their finances.

The different categories of loans, mortgage and leasing options let customers meet their expenses in a hassle-free way. The investments and insurance options further help in diversified protection of your finances. Insurance services offered by Huntington bank ranges from auto and life, to travel and pet insurance. The Bill Pay option saves money and time on all banking services from investment and mortgage to retirement and checking accounts.

Whenever you are in need of huge amounts of money whether it is to purchase a new home, renovate your existing home, buy a car, pay for educational expense or consolidate your high interest rate loans Huntington Bank offers the best solutions that are both affordable and flexible. The highly competitive interest rates coupled with exemplary customer service offered at the bank personally or online or via phone helps in meeting all your financial commitments efficiently.

Lines of Credit and Home Equity: You can use your home equity to get the cash needed for all expenses related to home improvement, tuition fees, luxury purchases or debt consolidation. While the home equity loans are used for one time borrowing with their fixed terms and rate and no closing costs related to third parties, the lines of credit type of home equity offers flexibility, convenience and low rates. Tax deductibility, card or check access, ten year term and fixed rate choice are some important benefits of lines of credit equity loans.

Personal loans: These can be availed at Huntington Bank for purchase of RV, car, boat or any other big expenses. Low and flexible payments at competitive rates of interest, 0.15% discount on setting up automatic payment, relationship discounts, no closing cost or application fees are some of the significant benefits present. The debt protection feature unique to Huntington bank offers customers peace of mind.
Auto leasing and loans: You can get the best financial assistance for leasing or buying a new or used vehicle. The bank will assess on the amount you can borrow without any risk and advice on the advantages and drawbacks present in both options.
Mortgages: There are several mortgage loan programs offered by the bank for buying property, new home or for home refinancing. The interest rates on home loans are competitive and the mortgage calculators available help in assessing how much you can actually afford. Corporate relocation facility, refinancing via Federal Housing Finance Agency, learning about current properties for sale through Real Estate Owned listings of properties are some of the special featured offered here. The Pre-approval mortgage program at Huntington Bank enables prospective homebuyers to identify the important factors and arrive at a proper financial balance.

With internet being used prevalently in all spheres, banking is one important area that it is utilized best. The free online banking services at Huntington Bank offers a fast, efficient and secure access to registered customers of the bank from any computer provided there is an internet access. Online banking at Huntington enables you to balance your money, apply for loans, and pay all your bills, reorder checks and other banking services easily with just a click of the mouse.

Bill payment is easy and convenient in the online banking system. You can choose from the different checking account types present at Huntington Bank. The method is completely free for any type of personal checking account you opt to pay your bills from.

The mobile banking feature at Huntington bank offers flexible management of finances enabling you to avail the bank’s services on the phone, while you are on the move. The method is easy and secure. Transferring funds, paying bills and viewing accounts or searching for any Huntington branch office or ATM can be done via your web browser enabled mobile device.

The advanced Text Banking feature at Huntington Bank offers great convenience and security to keep track of the balance in your account any time and from any place.

Transferring funds, accessing information related to account balance, downloading information about transactions and current balance can be done easily at your home or office from your own PC. Checkbook can be balanced easily and other features like viewing accounts related to credit cards, line of credit, money market, savings and checking are also easy to view.

There are several online tools made available by Huntington Bank for planning on the right investment choice for you. You can get information on your portfolio, market trends, new articles, quotes, company profiles, charts and other options related to stocks, mutual funds and bonds can be obtained instantly with the online banking feature at Huntington.

The Retirement Connection program at Huntington provides participants instant access to account balances and ability to alter investments present in the account at any time without hassles.

Online Mortgages: You can find enormous amount of information on the mortgage loans made available by the bank right from the payments to be made and property tax to escrow and interest summaries. The entire mortgage process is completely streamlined making it easy for you to manage your mortgage.
Online Trust: You get 24/7 access to all account information via the Portfolio Today feature. Downloading, printing or viewing information on transactions and investments in your Agency, Trust or in the account of Investment Management is easy.

The Bill Pay at Huntington Bank helps in paying bills in timely manner with utmost security and without any added charges, when you use any type of personal checking account at the bank. Some of the excellent features offered by the bank include
Payment made from office, home or while on the move to anyone at any time
Setting up the payees once and paying all bills right from a single page
Use the recurrent payment feature for regular bills like mortgages and car loan payments
All payments are sent in a timely manner and any late payment charges will be taken care of by the bank provided you had already scheduled the payments with funds available on hand.
All payment history for the past 24 months related to all payees on Bill Pay can be viewed online and there is the same day payment feature available until 4 p.m. ET. The payments made via personal credit line at Huntington before 5 p.m. ET are also credited on the same business day.

The online bill pay procedure is very simple. You need to login to the online banking site of Huntington Bank and create your Payees. This step is a one-time set up. Go to the Bill Pay option, click on the Add Payee, and choose the individual or company option. Enter the name and information of the payee and click on the Add Payment/Payee option present at the bottom part of the page.

These steps should be done every time you pay bills:
Select the Pay Bills option from the Bill Pay feature and enter the date of payment and the amount your are paying. Click on the Pay bills button for scheduling your payment.
All financial transactions including bill payments are done with top security measures and Huntington Bank offers online guarantee and security for its customers. When you register for online banking, you can make use of the bill pay and be free of the hassles of seeing to the monthly bills.

Huntington guides you right from the beginning of your business venture to making it a big success. The bank has the expertise and experience in assisting you to make your business a resounding success. From providing small business solutions, to offering commercial services there are many facets to Huntington’s business banking services.
Effective solutions: All the special needs of small businesses are met with by the committed and effective solutions offered at Huntington bank. Checking, merchant services, loans, payment collections, fraud mitigation and many other business oriented banking services are offered at Huntington.
Commercial Services: All financial details of your company are taken care of precisely. The services offered include lockbox services, wire transfer, fraud mitigation and zero balance accounting.
Trust Services: The Institutional and Corporate trust capabilities offered by the bank enables it to meet with the administrative requirement of corporations, pension funds, mutual funds, banks, foundations and individuals appropriately. The bank also offers effective solutions for sectors related to Public Funds and Non-Profit organizations.

Huntington Bank also offers online business banking services, so you can have access to your accounts 24/7. Loan and credit products, business saving accounts are other features the bank offers for businesses.

Individual and business are always on the lookout for better choices and solutions for their financial needs. Making the right financial decision is very important, which Huntington Bank understands perfectly and provides the best solutions present. The able advice on the right savings, investment and other banking features, access to various resources and wide collection of online tools ensure that the choices you make are ideal for you. The various tools offered include
Educators and calculators: Deciding between leasing or buying a car, taking a loan, finding about mortgage payments and many other such important decisions are guided with the interactive tools present in the online banking site.
Rate finder tool: This tool helps in finding about the interest rates on mortgages, loans, savings and checking account and many more
The retirement planning tool helps to plan for your retirement early on and prepare for a financially secure future
College planning tools help in charting out the expenses involved in completing college education
Home buyer tool assists in researching on the things to consider, before buying a new home, advice on home inspection and other related details meticulously

While online banking has many advantages going for it, there are certain drawbacks, which deter people from embracing it completely. Spoofing, hacking phishing and imposter emails are some of the issues faced by people. Huntington Bank has a highly secure and protective online banking system that protects consumers from identity theft and fraud, while banking online. Ten important tips have been put together by the bank for protecting customers from fraud and theft. They are: The login password should be changed regularly to keep the user ID and password secure. The passwords should not be obvious and should be hard to decipher. A combination of numeric and alphabetic characters are necessary for added security.
The commonly used method by hackers is by sending false emails saying that your account has been closed due to fraudulent activity and needs to be verified. You should not provide personal information to such emails as Huntington Bank does not ask for personal information through email at any time.
Firewall installation is must as it is the main protection offered from intruders and hackers. The software program guards your network and keeps away any unwanted or unauthorized traffic. The program can be bought from any computer store in your locality. You can set the level of protection you need. The best way to proceed is to begin with the highest level and later relax the settings. Features present in the program include blocking pop ups, ads and several other automatic functions.
Anti-virus software is very important as it gives ample protection against viruses, which can damage your system, and the information you have stored in it and interrupt all operations. An anti-virus program destroys these unauthorized codes effectively. Most anti-virus software programs are available with firewall programs, so you can have complete protection.
The date in which you had logged in last should be checked every time you visit the Huntington Bank site. This ensures that your banking account is secure from hackers.
Anti-spyware is software that prevents your personal information from being relayed to third parties without your consent or knowledge. A spyware often comes attached to free software available online or when you click on the dialog boxes or popups in your browser.

Whenever you download any program, read all the terms and conditions before you download. Using reliable companies or products recommended by people you trust is a safe way to prevent inadvertently downloading unwanted and virus infected programs.

View the browser settings and set up a good protection level by allowing only the safe features.
All security updates are created to protect against the viruses that come up consistently. Having the latest browser and internet service provider updates on security is therefore vital.
Ensure that your computer is secured and protected while you travel.

While you may have to have a big experts’ team to look after your investments, banking, insurance, property and trust administration, Huntington Bank offers a single window solution for all your needs. The Wealth services offered here include an extensive collection that comprehensively covers all needs.

Planning on all major events in your life from college education to retirement and emergency financial needs is done efficiently via the Life and Income planning feature. Advice on all personal banking solutions from account management to savings, credit and mortgage solutions all aspects are covered appropriately by Huntington Bank representatives
Tweaking and streamlining all your investments to maximize profits is done by the bank. From the bonds and stocks to mutual funds, the best solutions that fit your needs are advised upon. The best insurance cover possible for you home, property, money and investment is offered by the Preserver Assets and Wealth feature. All money transfers related to estate and trust administration are done securely. Endowments, charities and administration of estate and other services are also advised on in a precise manner.

Huntington Bank offers online guarantee always for its customers for their personal accounts. The bank is committed to ensuring reliable and secure online banking experience for its personal banking customers. Any issues related to Bill Pay or other online banking features are taken care of by the bank efficiently.
Funds transferred without your authorization via bill pay or online banking is readily replaced by the bank provided timely notification is done regarding the faulty transfer. All payments are made on time promptly always and in case any late fee charges occur, Huntington Bank will take care of the issue only when you have already scheduled the payment using available funds.

Huntington Bank always strives to provide the best service to its customers. It provides assistance to many community initiatives. The bank invests valuable time, resources and talent in making the community a stronger and better place to live in. The community contribution is done in relation to economic vitality, job growth and support of small-scale businesses.

Investments in community development and affordable housing facility are some of the aids offered by the bank. Enhanced financial education, meeting critical requirement and collaboration with nonprofit, profit, state and local governments in serving the community is also done by the bank. Huntington Bank believes in strong, safe and secure community, where everybody has the right to live a fulfilling life.