Huntington Bank Routing Number is a nine digit numeral that facilitates bank transactions such as deposits, electronic transfers, ACH transfers, reorder checks, etc. The term is also referred as ABA routing number and ACH routing number. The routing number for electronic wire transfer is 044000024 and the SWIFT code of the bank is HUNTUS33, facilitating international wire transfers. The two ways of searching your bank’s routing number are – a void check or access your account through online banking facility.

Case 1: If you have a check
The bank’s routing number can be located on the bottom left of a cancelled check.
Case 2: If you do not have a check
The third and fourth numbers present in your account number can help determine Huntington Bank Routing Number. You will find the account number given at the bottom of the check or you can find it in Online Banking. Usually the list of routing numbers of different branches of Huntington Bank is available on the bank’s website. To enumerate some of the routing numbers for your assistance, I am mentioning some of them.

huntington routing number The routing number 041200762 is used to denote Huntington bank located at EA2W40, Columbus, Ohio, Zip Code: 43272. The routing number 041214680 denotes Hunting Bank located at 7, Easton Oval, Columbus in the state of Ohio with the Zip code 43219. Huntington Bank Routing Number usually differs state-wise; it is same for the various branches present in a single state. In order to provide a convenient banking facility to its customers, the bank has a 24X7 helpline to provide assistance round the clock.

The detailed chart of all the routing numbers of Huntington National Bank is given below:
Routing Number Branch Address
041000153 EA2W40, COLUMBUS, OHIO, Zip Code - 43272-4195
042101459 7, EASTON OVAL, COLUMBUS, OHIO, Zip Code - 43219-0000
051500520 Post Box No. 1558, EAZW40, COLUMBUS, OHIO, Zip Code - 43216-0000
243073577 EA2W40, COLUMBUS, OHIO, Zip Code: 43272-4195
074000078 7, EASTON OVAL, COLUMBUS, OHIO, Zip Code - 43219-0000

Huntington Bank Routing Number acts as a tool for identifying a particular branch of the bank and it also helps in the process of financial transactions involving credit and debit operations of finances between various financial institutions. If an individual bank account holder wishes to make a deposit directly to a customer’s bank account, he can carry on with the processing by giving the routing number of the concerned bank. In case, an account holder wishes to activate the process of electronic bill payments, where the money will be deducted from his account directly, he can do so by mentioning the routing number of the particular bank.

Huntington Bank Routing Number can be identified in two ways: One way of identification is that the number is located at the right corner of the check on the upper side of it. A second way of identifying it is that the number consists of nine digits that are printed on the bottom portion of the check with magnetic ink. The nine digits are arranged in a systematic manner, each having different notations. The initial four numbers of the routing number are termed as identifiers of the Federal Reserve Bank. Out of the first four digits, the first two digits identify the district of the particular Federal Reserve Bank. The next two digits denote the particular branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. The next four digits of the routing number denote the number of the Huntington National Bank in which your account is maintained. The last digit of the routing number identifies whether the financial instrument is a check or any other financially negotiable instrument.