Huntington Online Bank is a customer-friendly financial service where all the executives are dedicated to provide personal assistance to each client. They cater to total customer satisfaction by providing banking services over the phone, through online medium or by visiting the client personally. The available services facilitate an easy banking procedure for all clients to meet their financial needs. The banking services include quicker payment of bills, generation of online statements, accessing the bank options on your mobile device, setting up important alerts, easy money transfer procedures and online assistance regarding your financial needs. The services cater to both – personal and commercial banking needs.

The Huntington Online Bank provides an option termed “Bill Pay” that allows you to pay all your bills anytime whether from home, work or while travelling. Bill Pay is a free, secure and time-saving option of personal banking. You just need to decide the amount and due date of the payment. The payees need to be registered once, and then you can pay your bills on time. There is also an option of recurring payments. An account holder has an option of scheduling the payment of bills in two ways - payment of bills mailed through the U.S. Postal Service can be made five days prior to the due date, and electronic bill payments can be made two days prior to the due date of payment. The payments will be completed by 4 p.m. ET on the same day. The bank also provides its customers with a Huntington Personal Credit Line, through which, the payments are credited within the same business day on or before 5 p.m. ET.

huntington online bank The Huntington Online Bank provides online investment services that enable an individual to manage his/her investments. It is so convenient, as with just a single click of the mouse button, you can purchase stocks, receive quotes, monitor account balance and portfolio as well as access company information and analytical reports for various mutual funds and securities. A bank account holder can also view the details of his mortgage account, check account balance and get information on the rate of interest Transaction details of payments, escrow balances and tax deductions too.

The major points emphasized by the Huntington Online Bank, that an account should remember for a safe online banking experience are – You should not share your account password or username with anybody. Secondly, you must opt for receiving account statements through email. Thirdly, a firewall and a good anti-virus software should be installed on your device to protect your device against any malware. You must check your account regularly, remember to log off from your account and close the browser. You must ensure that the browser should be compatible with the latest technology by installing software updates regularly.

With the evolution of mobile technology, Huntington Online Bank has developed banking services that can be accessed using your mobile device. A bank account holder receives transaction alerts via email and SMS so that the concerned individual can act accordingly without wasting any time. The text banking service allows the account holder to get information about his account balance simply by sending a text message. The bank guarantees a fast and secure online banking service for all its customers. Our customer support executives are always there to provide 24X7 assistance regarding your financial needs. In case of a fraudulent or suspicious mishandling of your bank account, you can contact us on the toll free number 1-800-480-BANK or write to our Customer Service Centre at the address P.O. Box 1558, Columbus, OH 43216.