Huntington is a big corporate holding company founded in 1866 in Columbus, Ohio has assets of over $56 billion. Huntington bank has over 700 branches all over the world and more than 1400 ATMs. The bank also provides individual, small, foreign exchange and mortgage services. Since the bank provides services worldwide to its valued customers, it has also introduced its services over the web through Huntington Bank online services.

Extensive services at your fingertips

Huntington Bank online offers the easiest way to take control of all your finances. The site has great user-friendly features including Bill Pay, Support Center and transfer. The bank offers extensive and efficient features to enable customers perform their banking operations easily and in short time. The entire online banking process is safe, secure and convenient. There are accounts for individuals and businesses.

Stellar efficiency

There are many favorable features with Huntington Bank online, which include,
• The checking feature enables checking any personal, corporate or insurance account details you want. You can also check the remaining balance, transactions done and other financial statements easily.
• You can start a deposit account online by using the Huntington Bank online login feature. Saving property and valuable money with the deposit account in the bank is easy.
• Mobile banking one of the advanced banking features is available at Huntington Bank. With the online bank account, you can easily set up the banking features in your mobile.
• Applying for a loan through the online banking at Huntington is a simple and efficient process
• Investments and insurance can also be done for the various products offered by the bank. It is also easy to set up an insurance account, when you have an online banking registered account.

Paperless banking

Banking in the conventional way has many drawbacks including dealing with endless number of bank statements that are difficult to keep track of. Switching over to e banking is the best way to save your time, effort and money and the environment. You can access your accounts any time in a day or night, since online banking is open 24 hours. The online banking access is offered free and you can get an account history of 24 hours. Further, you also get features including transfers, bill pay, check images, etc. with the checking account. huntington bank online

Seamless fund transfer

Transferring money physically between accounts is cumber some and a conventional banking method. Now with Huntington bank online feature, you can transfer money freely between your accounts within the bank branches and to any other bank. Fund transfer between your money market, savings, checking and personal credit line accounts. Keeping track of your funds and checking on whether funds are present for any expenses during shopping is also easy.

Bill pay made easy

The Huntington Bank online bill pay can be accessed by all individuals having a personal checking account. You can pay bills via your mail, keep track of expenses and organize your accounts from a single place without venturing out of your home or office. The paper bills can be done away with and you can contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint by embracing e-bills. You can also be saved from dealing with vexing paperwork. Many bank customers are still afraid of the online banking citing security reasons. However, Huntington Bank online services are completely secure and risk free. The bank has the best and most advanced security features right from SSL encryption for money transactions with 128-bit encryption to safe user login feature. The safe and secure banking set up helps customers to bank without worrying about any fraud or hacking of their confidential financial and personal information.