Founded in the year 1866 in Columbus, Ohio there are at present over 761 Huntington Bank locations spread over 7 states with all banks offering online services to customers who are situated outside these states. The highly efficient banking system both online and offline has the bank receive a 96/100 Smart Rating, which is well over the average rating of 93 present for national banks in general in the United States.

Established banking

For frequent travelers, the Huntington bank locations present in high-density offer various benefits. Whether you are on the move due to job related or other reasons and want to locate a branch, finding one nearby and satisfying your banking requirements is very easy. Further, the various ATMs available also offer easy access to hard cash when you are in need of it.

Account advantages

huntington bank locations There are several advantages, when you bank at Huntington Bank locations. The minimum balance requirement, easy online banking and bill pay along with overdraft protection offer customers an efficient banking process. Better interest rates and monthly fees are added advantages, when you bank with any of the Huntington Bank Locations.

Customer friendly banking

All Huntington Bank locations spread over seven states provide an easy, hassle free experience. The customer support provided is excellent with every complaint from customers handled immediately and satisfactorily. The bank has a huge customer base despite which it does not receive much of customer complaints. The personalized customer service offered here help customers meet their banking needs appropriately. From the communication, account management, reporting of credit score, debt management and loan repayment to billing, privacy and fees all aspects of banking are done with care and diligence.

Financially stable background

Huntington bank is highly stable financially. The long history of the bank dating back to 1866 has enabled it to establish itself as a strong national bank. With over 173 Huntington Bank locations in the country, the bank maintains excellent relationship in terms of cash balance and deposits. All cash amounts are dealt with care and at a fast pace efficiently. The bank has received a good financial stability score proving its excellent financial services capability.

Higher performance graph

Huntington bank has been providing consistent banking services to its customers and has built a loyal customer base. The different Huntington Bank locations offer a seamless banking system. The operating hours, minimal customer complaints and good customer relationship have made the bank being reputed as a solid leader in banking sector.

Lending hand

When homeowners are in dire need of financial assistance to see to the monthly loan payments or mortgage loans, Huntington bank offers assistance with its various personal lending schemes. The loan calculator available online enables easy consolidation of loans so consumers can save money on the payments made. Whether it is the matter of purchasing a new home or car or paying for college education, you get affordable and flexible loan solutions. The terms and interest rates are highly competitive. The great customer service offered via online or through the various Huntington Bank locations enable customers to avail the services easily and effectively.

Various loans offered

The various loans that consumers can avail at the Huntington Bank locations or via online banking include Home Equity and lines of credit loans, personal loans for car, RV, Boat or any other big purchase, auto loans, leasing and mortgages.

The bank helps customers in determining the amount of loan they can afford and the advantages and drawbacks present in the different loan types. The customization of loans also benefits customers largely. Refinancing options, consolidation of loans, retirement savings schemes and various other significant financial benefit programs are offered for customers at the best competitive rates.